DV Issues Among Muslims: North America

October 31, 2011. Reality Check: Domestic Violence and Muslim Families. By Amal Killawi,

February 18, 2010. Local Muslims Make WOrld of Difference: Tackling Domestic Violence. By Jennifer O'Brien. The London Free Press.

February 17, 2010. Aasiya Zubair Hassan and the Muslim Male Imperative. By Junaid Ahmad. Altmuslimah.

February 14, 2010. How Many More Deaths Before We Take Action? By Enith Morillo. Altmuslimah.

February 12, 2010. Remembering Aasiya Zubair: A Year On From the Tragic Death of Aasiya Zubair, American Muslims Have Mobilised to Confront Domestic Violence. By Wajahat Ali. Guardian.

January 1, 2010. Muslim Women's Shelter Provides Refuge, Support. By Jamie Tarabay. NPR.

December 2, 2009. United States, South Asia Groups Empower Women to Fight Violence.

October 28, 2009. Chicago Abuse Shelter a Rarity Serving Muslim Women. By Lauren E. Bohn. Medill Reports - Chicago, Northwestern University.

October 17, 2009. Muslim Group, Maigret Honored for Helping Abuse Victims. By Matt Gryta. The Buffalo News.

September 28, 2009. Religious Groups Unite to Fight Family Violence. By Jenna McMurray. Calgary Sun.

September 25, 2009. CNN Heroes: Her 'Duty' is Helping Muslim Women Heal After Abuse.

August 30, 2009. Religion 101: Islam and Domestic Violence. By Priscilla Martinez, DC Muslim Examiner.

August 6, 2009. Fed Up With Abuse, Young Muslim Activists Take Back Their Faith. By Kristen Minogue. News 21.

August 5, 2009. Advocate Plans Shelter for Muslim Women. By Tim Funk, Charlotte Observer.

September 8, 2008.  Talking the Walk Against Violence: Muslim Cleric Attracts Multifaith Support.  By Penney Kome, Straightgoods.  (Canada)

March 30, 2008.  Reforming Scripture and Culture.  By Jack Fairweather, Newsweek/Washington Post.

March 2, 2008.  Muslim Women Talk Abuse.  By Elayne Clift, Boloji. 

January 31, 2008.  Abuse of U.S. Muslim Women is Greater than Reported, Advocacy Groups Say.  By Julie Kirtz, Fox News.

January 13, 2008. Helping Homeless, Abused Muslims. By Niki Sullivan, The News Tribune.

January 13, 2008. Culture, Language Key in Aiding Abuse Victims. By Niki Sullivan, The News Tribune.

January 6, 2008. Abused Muslim Women in U.S. Gain Advocates. By Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times.

December 17, 2007.  Advocate Helps South Asian Women Escape Abuse.  By Karen Miltner, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

December 13, 2007.  Local Imams Tackling Domestic Abuse.  By Mirko Petricevic, The Record.

August 17, 2007. Speakers address lack of resources for Muslims undergoing divorce. By Sondos Kholoki-Kahf, InFocus Southern California.

May 8, 2007. For some Muslim wives, abuse knows no borders: Traditional pressures can persist in U.S. By Pamela Constable, Washington Post.

March 25, 2007. New translation prompts debate on Islamic verse. By Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times.

February 26, 2007. New look at the Quran ignites debate on wife-beating. By Jeff Diamant, Religion News Service.

February 20, 2007. Faiths take new approach to domestic abuse: Jewish, Muslim, Christian writers produce handbook to give religious leaders tools to help victims of violence. By Rebecca Rosen Lum, Contra Costa Times.

October 22, 2006. Clothes aren't the issue.  By Asra Q. Nomani, Washington Post.

June 5, 2006. Domestic violence: An Islamic perspective. By Wahida C. Valiante, Media Monitors Network.

July 28, 2005.  Muslims in Philadelphia Shun Men Who Abuse Their Wives.  By Kristin E. Holmes, Philadelphia Inquirer.


DV Issues Among Muslims: International

March 3, 2010. Muslim Women Wage Jihad Against Violence. By Mehnaz Afridi. Global Arab Network.

February 9, 2010. Women's Refuge Opens its Doors. By Julie Longton.

January 21, 2010. Mauritanian Muslim Imams Initiate Rare Ban on Female Circumcision. By George Fominyen. AlertNet.

December 28, 2009. Independent Appeal: Safe Haven for Women Beaten and Abused in Kashmir. The Independent.

October 15, 2009. Imams in Glasgow Pledge to Work to End Domestic Violence in the City's Muslim Community. By Glasgow City Council. eGov Monitor.

August 5, 2009. NA Bill Outlaws Domestic Violence. By Raja Asghar, (Pakistan)

February 12, 2009.  42% of Turk Women Facing Abuse.  By Nazlan Ertan, Hurriyet Daily News.  (Turkey)

December 24, 2008.  No Abuse Should Go Unpunished: Human Rights Commission.  By Walaa Hawari, Arab News. (Saudi Arabia)

November 28, 2008.  Violence Against Women in the Muslim Community.  By Ahmed Motala, Mail & Guardian Online.  (South Africa)

November 25, 2008.  Muslim Women Updated on Gender-Based Violence.  By Salifu Abdul-Rahaman, The Ghanaian Times. (Ghana)

November 12, 2008.  United Nations Population Fund: Afghan Mullahs Promote Women’s Health and Rights.  By William Ryan, MaximsNews Network. (Afghanistan)

September 26, 2008.  Hero Opens Doors for Muslim Women.  By Jennifer O’Brien, The London Free Press.  (UK)

September 26, 2008.  Purge on Muslim Clerics Who Turn a Blind Eye to the Abuse of Women.  By Richard Kerbal, The Times.  (UK)

September 25, 2008.  Religious Leaders of Different Faiths ‘Say NO to Violence Against Women’: Religions for Peace and UNIFEM Launch Partnership to Stop Gender-Based Violence.  By UNIFEM.

September 7, 2008.  Syrian Case Tests Tolerance on Killing Kinswomen.  By Dominique Soguel, Women’s E-News. (Syria)

June 9, 2008.  Lebanese Women Still Vulnerable to Violence.  By Sarah Clark, The Daily Star.  (Lebanon)

June 7, 2008.  1,321 Incidents in Three Months.  By Myra Imran, The News.  (Pakistan)

June 2, 2008.  Tilila: A Shelter for Women to Recover Freedom.  By Kenza Sefrioui, Bianet.  (Morocco)

May 8, 2008.  Islam Does Not Condone Domestic Violence: Forum.  By Nuha Adlan, Arab News.  (Saudi Arabia)

May 8, 2008.  Turkey Grapples with Domestic Violence.  By Christopher Torchia, The Associated Press.  (Turkey)

March 23, 2008.  Voice for Abused Women Upsets Dubai Patriarchy.  By Robert Worth, New York Times.  (United Arab Emirates)

February 14, 2008.  Violence Makes No Distinction Between Men, Women.  By Yonca Poyraz Dogan, Today’s Zaman.  (Turkey)

January 4, 2008.  Morocco Seeks to Criminalize Violence Against Women.  By Sarah Touahri, Magharebia.  (Morocco)

December 31, 2007.  New Shelter Set Up for Muslim Women.  By Braema Mathi, The Straits Times. (Singapore)

November 29, 2007.  Society Will Help Victims of Abuse.  By Habib Shaikh, Khaleej Times Online. (Saudi Arabia)

November 26, 2007.  Arresting Marital Rape.  By Wong Li Za, The Star Online. (Malaysia)

November 26, 2007. Study Reveals Widespread Violence Against Women: 42% of Qatari Women Condone Beatings - Study.  Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid, Al-Arabiya News Channel. (Qatar)

March 8, 2007. Indonesian woman honored as woman of courage: Scholar Siti Musdah Mulia champions Islam and women’s rights. By Jane Morse, USINFO. (Indonesia)

February 26, 2007. The secret violence that challenges Britain’s Asians: This conspiracy of silence over immigrant brides must end. By Sunny Hundal, The Times. (UK)


On Islam & Muslims: General

July 22, 2007.  Want to Understand Islam? Start Here.  By John L. Esposito, Washington Post.


On Islam & Muslims: Women

December 16, 2007.  Muslim Feminism: High-Profile Activists Seek to Reform Role of Women.  By Asad Khan, Winnipeg Free Press.

October 3, 2007. Defeating Stereotypes of Muslim Women. By Susan E. Smith, Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

July 22, 2007. Restraint? Sure. Oppression? Hardly.  By Leila Aboulela, Washington Post.

November 2006.  What Not to Wear? Muslim Women Teach Us About American Values. Op-ed by Amy Caiazza, Institute for Women's Policy Research.


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